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Emek's Lone Soldier Center

Making Sure Our Lone Soldiers Are Never Alone

There are over 300 English-speaking religious lone soldiers serving annually in various units of the Israel Defense Force. They are volunteers and most serve in combat units. They come from America, England, Canada, Australia and South Africa. Most have no immediate family in Israel and no place to call home.

Emek Lone Soldiers, situated in the German colony of Jerusalem, was established over 5 years ago to assist them before enlistment, during their military service and after completion of their duty. We are their home from home. We provide a center, a community, a Shul and Beit Medrash for them. We are uniquely qualified to serve these soldiers based on our training and experience.

Haskamot / Approbations

Chief Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Approbation from Chief Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef

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